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National Rail Enquiries TrainTracker™

Tangent Telecom is proud to have been closely involved with one of the most advanced speech recognition and text services in the UK; providing full programme management and technical consultancy expertise directly to National Rail Enquiries.

TrainTracker™ is an automated enquiry service using advanced speech recognition technology to provide real-time train information.

TrainTracker™ Text provides the same real-time information to users via premium rate SMS.

Speaking of Tangent’s role with TrainTracker, National Rail Enquiries said:

“Tangent Telecom was instrumental in the original concept and development of the TrainTracker suite.

For this project Tangent combined their expert industry knowledge of the telecoms market and the wider vision for National Rail Enquiries and has enhanced this area of the business significantly.

The TrainTracker suite of systems are pioneering and Tangent have identified and delivered a business case driven change program including retendering & relaunch of the Text service and a number of cost effective technical developments for the entire suite.
As a result of the improvement programme instigated by Tangent Telecom usage of the systems and customer satisfaction continues to rise sharply.