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Tangent Telecom introduces "No Win, No Fee" pricing

At Tangent Telecom we are totally confident that we can help you. We therefore invite you to put us to the test and are delighted to introduce our innovative "no win, no fee" deal - whereby we agree a set of payment criteria based on us sharing the additional revenues or savings you make as a result of engaging our services.

We've done this because it makes it easier for some of our clients to engage in this way. Of course, we still offer a time and materials based service, and are totally confident that regardless of how you engage we will be able to help you produce a more cost-effective contact solution than you have now. But the "risks" can be ours if this makes sense for your business.

If you would like more information on our "No Win, No Fee" deal, or indeed, our standard T&M based consulting fee structure, please contact us.