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IVR Redesign for a Major UK Financial Services company

Working closely with our partner, SOH, Tangent Telecom assessed and redesigned the IVR front-end for a major UK financial services client. The project built on previous work which had already raised the automation level by a full 50%, and this time the service upgrade was to specifically target reluctant users of the existing IVR, especially in the critical identification and verification stages.

The client challenged the team to provide a solution to further improve their automation take-up rates.

The results were significant. Working with both SOH and the client, Tangent Telecom's dialogue engineering experts assessed call trends and strategic business requirements at a number of sites, before producing a series of recommended changes, a full design specification and an analysis of the expected results. The implementation phase was brief and low cost, with no additional hardware or software being required, as per the brief originally provided. The client's own measurement statistics continued to be used and show a 56% improvement as a direct result of the changes made, a figure somewhat higher than our own conservative estimates. This equates to an estimated cost saving in excess £60,000 per month, £3/4 million per year.
The client is naturally delighted with these results and another three programmes of work have since been commissioned. The call centre management commented that: "Tangent Telecom achieved a full year's worth of IVR improvements in a single project" - reflecting very well on the decision to set the challenge and proved that Tangent Telecom more than met it!